Black Otter Rex Rabbits: Appearance, Lifespan, Temperament, Care Sheet

Black otter rex rabbits are soft-looking animal plush toys. Their dark and striking coat makes them more unique among rex rabbits. Not to mention, these rex rabbits are calm and docile, radiating a sweet disposition. Black otter rex rabbit is ideal for first-time parents or seniors.

If you are interested in having a black otter rex rabbit, read through this article. You will be mesmerized not only by their beauty but also by their personality and exciting facts.





Color form:

Black with otter markings

Body shape:


Average size:

Medium to large

Average weight:

7 lbs to 11 lbs (3 kgs to 5 kgs)

Average lifespan:

5 to 6 years

Level of care:


Minimum tank size:

44 sq. ft.

Tank set-up:

Spacious cage, interactive toys, litter box


Affectionate, calm, curious, friendly, playful


Vegetables, fruits, commercial pellets, hay

Some describe its body type as commercial-sized; but if you put it in layman’s term, it has a medium to large body proportion. The average weight for a black otter rex rabbit is anywhere between 7 lbs to 11 lbs. Meanwhile, the ideal weight for a buck is 8 lbs, while 9 lbs for does.

The black otter rex rabbits’ well-rounded hips, loins, ribs, and shoulders complement its appearance that breeders call them the real charmers.

Background and History

otter rex rabbit

How did these good-natured rabbits come into life? The rex rabbit has a rich breed history, and it is worth knowing; that’s why you are here.

In 1919, in a small French village of Louché-Pringé, Desire Caillon developed the rex rabbit. After several selective breeding, Gilet introduced 15 different colors of rex rabbits.

Their co-breeders were impressed by the luscious and beautiful fur of the black otter rex rabbit. The recessive rex gene mutation has resulted in their dense, plush, and smooth fur.

In 1924, this domestic breed was shown in an International Rabbit Show in Paris. People became more interested, which made it more popular.

When introduced to the United States, the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) acknowledged the black otter rex rabbit. Let’s now talk about the standards and appearance of the black otter rex rabbit.

Breed Standard and Appearance of Black Otter Rex Rabbits

otter bunny

A fully grown black otter rex rabbits are typically medium to large and weigh between 7 lbs to 11 lbs.

Their diet and weight have to be monitored as rex rabbits have only medium-strong bones which makes them look awkward and might cause serious health problems when overweight.

Black otter rex rabbits have a well-rounded body proportion, and their unique jet black color makes it a perfect balance of their stunning physique.

Coat Color

What makes the black otter rex rabbit unique is their coat color; you can see five colors on them: jet black, slate blue, cream, fawn, and tan.

These rex rabbits are jet black on its top, slate blue on the undercolor, while its belly to the undersides is a combination of cream and black. Since otter rex rabbits carry their ears erect, the fawn color of its insides is visible.

Meanwhile, the tan color shows on the nose, hind legs, and flanks of the rabbit.

Coat Texture and Uniformity

Rex rabbits have extremely dense fur with a velvety texture. Its unique recessive genes make its fur consistent in length and quality across its body.

The beautiful fur of black otter rex rabbits has caused trouble; its dense and super plushy fur has become the fur industry’s sole interest.

Horrible owners have kept the breed only to pelt and sold their fur to the industry. Fortunately, this horrible experience for the rex rabbits has ended. Thankfully, ex rabbits have become a popular pet to love and care for.

Personality and Temperament of Black Otter Rex Rabbits

black rex rabbit

Black otter rex rabbits are not only valued for their exquisite looks, but pet owners also highly value them because of their personality and temperament.

Rabbits are not the most social pets. But, rex rabbits are the exception to this. Even with their calm and curious nature, they are docile, friendly, and crave attention from their humans.

Their peculiar personality and temperament make the rex rabbits the ideal pet rabbits for home. Like any other domesticated animal, otter rex rabbits become attached to humans. They are total sweethearts!

However, even when they have grown attached, rex rabbits are unafraid of other people petting or picking them up. That’s why you have to be careful in handling them in crowds.

The low maintenance and great personality and temperament make them suitable pets for seniors and first-time pet owners.

Other Characteristics

Black otter rex rabbits are quite interactive and playful. Rex rabbits love to interact with their humans, but they are already responsive even with interactive toys only.

So why not give both toy and attention? Play with them with interactive toys, and see how these rabbits will happily play with you.

Although they are most active at dawn and dusk, they still play around at various times throughout the day. Like cats and dogs, rex rabbits are vocal. They squeal and squeak out of excitement when playing!

Let’s know more about taking care of these charmers.

Common Health Issues of Black Otter Rex Rabbits

black otter rabbit

Like other rabbits, black otter rex rabbits require the same care to prevent them from suffering from common health issues.

Sore Hocks

Sore hock is not only common to black otter rex rabbits, but most rabbits also have this when the bottom pads of their feet develop sores. It is highly preventable by monitoring their diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition, their habitat must not be made of wires. A cage with wire bottoms can easily irritate your rabbit’s paws. Thus, ensure their cage has a solid base and is lined with beddings to provide comfort.

Ear Mites

Mite infestation is common among pets, and it is contracted from the environment they are in or from the other pets they are living with. Ear mites may be found in only one ear or both; serious cases may spread to the surrounding areas (head, abdomen, neck, and genital regions).

Ear mites are highly contagious. If you notice your rabbit is infested, bring it to the veterinary to treat the ear mites infestation.

Overgrown Teeth

Rabbit teeth are quite a peculiar case; it does not stop growing. Overgrown teeth are being worn down through chewing hay and other hard foods. However, if your rabbit cannot wear down their teeth, it will grow through its jaw and face causing infection and severe pain.

Black otter rex rabbits with overgrown teeth become sluggish, lacks appetite, and drool around their mouth. You can easily notice overgrown teeth by checking their mouth weekly.

If you suspect them of having an infection, bring them to your trusted vet and treat them with antibiotics.

Additionally, you can help your black otter rex rabbit prevent overgrown teeth by giving them hay to grind their teeth and promote better digestion.

Gastrointestinal Stasis

You have to note that black otter rex rabbits are avid groomers. They most likely ingest their fur while self-cleaning. Unfortunately, rabbits cannot spit out or vomit their fur.

As a result, rabbits suffered gastrointestinal stasis as their hair clumped and stuck inside their stomach. This health condition is quite fatal and affects all rabbits.

Feeding high-quality hay, regularly grooming your rabbit, and inspecting their feces for a string of pearls are the best methods to prevent gastrointestinal stasis.

Spay or Neuter

Some rabbit owners spay or neuter their pets to reduce their aggressive tendencies. But, this is not the case for black otter rex rabbits; they are hostile enough to make any difference with their personality.

You can spay the does at 4 to 6 months while neutering the bucks as early as 3.5 months.

Mental Health

Of course, rabbits have mental health that we should not neglect, just like human beings.  Black otter rex rabbits have to socialize with animals, run around, and exercise. If they are cooped in a small enclosure for longer hours, they become unhappy, lethargic, and bored.

Problems with mental health are the quickest way to have serious health issues. That’s why it is important to show affection, interaction, and care to your pets.

How to Take Care of Black Otter Rex Rabbits

black rex bunny

If you know how to make them healthy and happy under your care, you do not have to put up much work in handling black otter rex rabbits. Properly taking care of them translates to providing comfortable shelter and a healthy diet.


There are two main aspects to consider in giving proper housing to your rabbits: enclosure size and materials. We are not talking about a mere cage; it has to be comfortable for the bunny to hop around, play, and eat.

Black otter rex rabbits are medium to large in size. The enclosure size should be spacious enough for them to stretch out comfortably.

It should be at least a minimum of 12 feet by 32 square feet. If you plan to have the enclosure inside your home, you can fence them with a pen or playpen gate.

But if you plan to build an indoor cage for your black otter rex rabbits, ensure that it is made with rabbit-safe materials. Use strong wires and solid bottom.

Do not use wire bottom at the cage; it results to pressure sores or sore hocks for rabbits. Ensure that the enclosure is lined with beddings to provide a comfortable caged habitat for the rabbits.

Promote Activities

Should your black otter rex rabbit have to be caged at all times? Definitely, no. Like humans, rabbits become bored and unhappy if they do not interact.

You can provide them with interactive toys to keep them busy while inside their enclosure.

However, you must allow your rabbits to roam free and socialize with you. Ensure that the place is rabbit-safe; it does not have an open-fire space, electric cables, or any unstable heavy objects that may cause harm to them.

The longer the black otter rex rabbit interacts with other bunny or their human owners make, the more docile, playful, and sweet. If you have children around, keep an eye when playing with the rabbit as they might unintentionally harm the rabbits.


Black otter rex rabbits naturally chew on everything. If you do not watch them, things may become a serious disaster! They tend to nibble on things. It is best to keep electric wires, houseplants, or furniture away from them to ensure their safety.


When it comes to diet, black otter rex rabbits are no different than other breeds. A diet with 70% high-quality and adequate vegetables, pellets, or fruits is recommended. Orchard hay is the best hay option.

If you plan to give alfalfa hay, fruits, and vegetables, give it in moderate amounts as these foods contain high sugar levels. Moreover, do not forget to provide them with fresh and clean water access.

Always take time to research the type of foods you plan to give to your black otter rex rabbits.


Black otter rex rabbits are only advised to groom during the heaving shedding season. If your rabbit has a speck of dirt on its coat, use a damp cloth to remove the debris. It is unnecessary to bathe them or groom them.

Grooming in black otter rex rabbits has to be minimal as possible. Overgrooming can damage the rabbit’s coat, stress, cardiac problems, or worst, death.

Ensure that your family members are informed and instructed on properly taking care of your black otter rex rabbits.

Summary: Are Black Otter Rex Rabbits Suitable for You?

Since the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) has acknowledged the black otter rex rabbits, its popularity has continued. Aside from its beautiful appearance, the temperament of black otter rex rabbits makes it a perfect choice for single people and families.

It is best to house black otter rex rabbits from the humane society or the nearest animal shelter. If it is not available, you can request it at the animal rescue shelter and wait for a while.

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