The design concept for Jackrabbit combines the creative approach of Chris Cosentino's behind the scenes kitchen craftsmanship with the grit, flavor, and character that makes Portland one of the country's premier dining and lifestyle destinations. As with kitchen environments; the ingredients of Jackrabbit's interiors are meticulously selected and come together to create vignettes that highlight key areas of use.

Chef Cosentino's philosophy is to use everything the animal gives us, which we also reiterated by utilizing the entire space. This was further developed by keeping to Chef's holistic approach of simplicity, sustainability, authenticity, and craft. The design embraces Portland and Chef Cosentino's approach to cooking and lifestyle. The design and layout works in tandem with the kitchen and bar again reiterating the philosophy practiced there. the result will be a synergy between flavor and atmosphere, place, and taste. Jackrabbit features an extensive raw bar, gin-centric cocktail program, house-cured meats and dishes highlighting the area's rich ingredient sourcing. Embodying Portland's spirit of conviviality, we feature large-format signature plates spotlighting local meats.

Chef Chris Cosentino and Partner Oliver Wharton together operate the dynamic company, Delicious MFG & C.O., reflecting the belief that restaurants need to be delicious, fun, authentic, and convivial. Decades of hard work and tenacity in cities from New York to San Francisco to London, along with accolades such as Cosentino's Top Chef Master victory, granted them the opportunity to venture out on their own.