Discovering your Rabbit’s Intelligence: Are Rabbits Smart?

No one can deny that bunnies are famous pets because they are adorable. But are rabbits smart? They are as bright as other pets like dogs and cats. With their intelligence, they can learn tricks and recognize names. Keep reading and be amazed at how clever your pet rabbit is!

IQ of Rabbits

how smart are rabbits

Rabbits are not only cuddly and charming, but they are also intelligent animals. It is difficult to identify if they understand what their owners are saying.

Unlike dogs and cats, bunnies have limited expressions. But amazingly, they are very clever and know what their owners meant. Rabbits can understand instructions and recognize words and names. But like other pets, they must be trained.

Wild and domestic rabbits are both intelligent but in different ways. Since wild rabbits are always in survival mode, they have faster cognitive thinking.

As prey, they have to think quickly and store a lot of information in their heads to escape from their predators. Domesticated rabbits don’t have to face the same danger. But don’t underestimate them since they can learn tricks.

Because of rabbits’ smartness, they tend to get bored. Without enough mental stimulation, they can get stressed, depressed, and sick. Some rabbit owners don’t recognize the intelligence of their furry pets.

That is why they fail to provide enough mental activities. Ensuring the optimum wellness of rabbits means taking care of their mental health.

Rabbits may look like average pets, but they require much care and attention. Giving enough time to rabbits is also necessary since they are social animals.

They will appreciate it if you communicate and train them once in a while. You can provide them with activities that will sharpen their minds. You can also teach them a few tricks so that you can also bond with them.

Tricks You Can Teach Rabbits

how smart are bunnies

Litter Training

The perfect time to train rabbits is when they are more than six months old. One of the first tricks that you can teach them is litter training. It will also help so their droppings won’t mess around the cage.

You will need to put your rabbit in a smaller space so that it can easily remember where is the litter box. You can move it to a larger cage after it learns the trick.


“Come” is an easy trick that you can teach your rabbit. It is a way of getting your pet’s attention so that they will come wherever you are. In this trick, making a distinct sound is vital to get its attention.

You can tap the table so that your pet will turn and go near you. It is a task that your rabbit can learn with ease. Your rabbit may also come to you when its name is called. Call it by its name and when it responds, give it a treat as a reward.

Target Training

If you want to improve your rabbit’s agility, you can teach your furry pet the target training. The bunny can pass through obstacles and get the object you wish to by following the target.

You will need to use a stick with a colored ball at the tip to do the trick. Let your pet sniff it until it is used to the smell. The bunny will follow the target once it is familiar with it.

High Five

Teaching your bunny the high five trick is a little bit complicated. But with effort and patience, you can do it. You will also need a clicker to make it easier for your pet to learn the trick.

Introduce the gesture to your rabbit until it is familiar with the cue. Lift the paw of your bunny until it touches your hand. Do this regularly until it gets the trick.

Ways to Train Rabbits Properly

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If you want your rabbit to learn some tricks, you must teach it properly. There are correct ways to train rabbits so that you won’t get disappointed.

It will also prevent your pet from getting confused. If you are serious about teaching it, your bunny is capable of learning new things.

Know what your rabbit is motivated of

Punishing your rabbit won’t make it learn new tricks. Spanking or yelling at it will only make the bunny fearful and uncooperative. Rabbits are motivated by rewards.

If they are given some treats, they are more enthusiastic about learning more tricks. It is your task to know the best reward you can give your pet.

Give ample time for training

Expect that your bunny won’t get the trick quickly. It takes a lot of patience on your part. Although rabbits are intelligent, they need enough time to do the tricks perfectly.

The best thing you can do is give ample time for the training. Consistently training your pet every day has its reward.

Use a clicker

A clicker is helpful so your rabbit can easily recognize how rewards work. Before giving a reward, click the clicker first. Your pet will associate the clicks with the treats. They will try to earn more clicks to eat more of their favorite treats.

Strengthen your bond with your bunny

Once you get your rabbit’s trust, it won’t hesitate to follow your commands. Kindness is something that these precious creatures treasure.

Strengthen your bond with them by spending more time with them. Aside from that, keep them healthy and happy. Grooming them is one of the ways you can be closer to your pet.


Toys to Stimulate Rabbits Mentally

Rabbits need to exercise their minds through engaging toys and activities. Without proper mind exercises, your pet will get dull and bored. You can get creative and play fun games with your pet. Or you can also buy it some toys that will improve its brain.

One of the games you can play with your rabbit is “catch”. Get a willow ball and throw it gently in your rabbit’s direction. Wait until your pet nudges it with its nose or picks it up using its teeth.

If your bunny cannot understand how the game works, keep throwing the ball in its direction until it picks it up.

You can also order logic toys online to stimulate your rabbit’s mind. Some of the activities these toys offer are opening lids and finding treats. Some toys will make them pass through obstacles.

Your bunny will surely enjoy playing with the logic toys. You can change the toys inside your rabbit’s cage from time to time so that it won’t get too familiar with them.

If your rabbit has a large cage, you can place tunnels and stairs. Make sure that the stairs are safe enough so that your rabbit won’t get its bones broken. It will encourage your bunny to think. Plus, it is also an excellent physical activity.

You can also put a puzzle board inside the cage of your bunny. Inside the board are treats that your rabbit must get. It involves solving problems that will sharpen your bunny’s mind.

Testing your Rabbit’s IQ

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Each rabbit is unique, not only in personality but also in intelligence. Although your rabbit may struggle with problem-solving, it may have a sharp memory. Before you test your rabbit’s IQ, you should know the signs of intelligence in rabbits.

The first one is problem-solving. Your rabbit may show logical thinking when it comes to finding treats. It may look for ways to pass through obstacles or find solutions on puzzle boards.

Another sign of intelligence is memory. Even after some years, your rabbit may remember names, objects, and obstacle courses.

Your rabbit may also show curiosity, especially if there are new toys in its cage. Curious rabbits usually wonder how objects work. They also have favorite toys.

Another sign is its social skills. If your rabbit loves to interact with you, it shows how clever it is. Aside from that, it may show attachment to chosen people in your family.

The method to test your rabbit’s intelligence is through activity. Get three containers that are in different shapes. Put a treat on one of them and let your rabbit find it.

Expect that it will use its sense of smell. If your rabbit failed to find the right cup, say “nuh”, and let it look for the treat again.

Once it finds the treat, do the activity again. You will notice that your pet will keep choosing the same cup where the treat used to be. It will be impressed in its memory. If you think your rabbit’s intelligence needs improvement, engage it in logical games. Providing puzzles will also help.


Are rabbits smart? Yes, they are brilliant! They can solve problems, remember names and objects, and socialize with people. By giving them toys and providing games, their intelligence can be improved.

Since they are clever creatures, they need to stimulate their minds. Without mental activities, bunnies can easily get depressed.

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