7 Reasons Rabbits Climb on Their Humans

Taking a new rabbit home could be lots of fun. However, it could also bring in lots of questions. Now, that is where we come in! Today, let us answer one of the questions you might ask with your new furry friend: why does my rabbit climb on me? Let us get right to the bottom of this question now!

1. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans Because They are Curious

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As you might already know, rabbits are curious critters. A rabbit might climb on you because it is curious. It might be trying to assess you or whatever is on you that has piqued its interest.

If you have a new rabbit on your hands, it is likely the former. It could be the first time they are seening a human. If not, you are still a different human from the human they first met. In other words, they are simply trying to get to know what or who you are. If you want to form a bond with your rabbit, it would be good to welcome this exploration.

It might be a good time to note that a rabbit will not immediately climb on you. Yes, a rabbit would likely be curious about you the first time it meets you. However, rabbits are not brave creatures. Climbing on you would probably come later in your bonding process with your rabbit. Once it does happen, though, you can consider it a good sign.

On the other hand, a rabbit that has been with you for a long time already could still climb on you because of curiosity. It might not be curious about you anymore, but what is on you?

There’s no telling what could pique the interest of rabbits. It could be a shiny accessory, new clothes, or even an unfamiliar perfume. If it’s different and they deem it worthy of investigating, they would try to get near it to get to the bottom of their curiosity.

2. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans Because They are Asking for Attention

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A rabbit might climb on you because it wants to grant or is looking for attention. If a rabbit does this to give or get attention, it likely will not stop at this. You could also see some actions you might think to be strange. For example, they could lightly nip or even rub their heads at you for no reason.

These things are not strange or weird per se. Rabbits only relay things differently than us. With that, it might be an ideal time to note that you might want to familiarize yourself with your rabbit’s body language.

3. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans Because They Are Asking to be Groomed

Like the last point we talked about, a rabbit might climb on you because it wants you to groom it. On the other hand, it might also hop on you because it wants to groom you! For one, you might see your furry friend trying with all its might to get to your hair. However, with the big appetites of rabbits, it could be your bunny is trying to get a taste of your hair. If that is the case, stop them!

If they are grooming you, you can return the favor by petting the little critter. On the other hand, you can also bring the comb out and give your bunny a good brush. Are you a new rabbit owner and not sure how you should brush your rabbit? Don’t worry. We got you! You can check this video out for that:

4. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans for Comfort

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Did your rabbit have its ears folded when it climbed on you? A rabbit might also climb on you because it feels threatened by something. It might be seeking some comfort from you.

With that, you might be inclined to pick your rabbit up. However, if you are dealing with a new rabbit, it might be best to avoid picking the little critter up. Rabbits might be known to be cute and cuddly critters, but they generally don’t like being picked up. It doesn’t mean you can never pick your rabbit up. It takes some time, studying, and processing, though.

On the other hand, your rabbit might climb on you to give you comfort. If your rabbit sees that you’re upset or crying, it might come to you to offer some snuggles. Many rabbit owners would tell you that their rabbits came to them in times they were the ones in distress.

With their frames, our furry friends might not be able to save you from fire and such. However, sometimes, they still try their best to do their own kind of saving.

5. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans to Exert Dominance

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So far, we have talked about the adorable reasons why a rabbit might climb on you. However, this one might not be as cute as the others. Your rabbit might hop on you to show you or other rabbits who is the boss.

One of the ways rabbits show dominance is by mounting another rabbit. While hopping on top of you might not exactly look like it, given the size of our furry friends, it could feel like the same thing to them. Here, it might still look cute. However, it could come with some other dominance establishing behavior like peeing. Yes, the little critter might pee on you.

If you have no plans on breeding your rabbits, you might want to consider neutering them to avoid this scenario. Spaying will not only help with undesirable behaviors such as this, but it could also be good for their health. Neutering and spaying, after all, could help prevent many health complications in rabbits.

If you want to neuter or spay your little critter, here is a list of vets that might help you with that.

6. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans to Use Them as a Stepladder

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Rabbits like to be up high. They might climb their owners to use their height. It could be they want to see the whole room. On the other hand, it could be there is something they would like to see but can’t from where they are. Again, their curiosity. Still, it could be they only want to be up high.

7. Rabbits Might Climb Their Humans to Show Affection

Finally, rabbits might climb on their owners to show affection. The little critter might, in its way, be trying to bond with you. More than satisfying its curiosity about who or what you are, it might now be trying to get to know you. It might be trying to familiarize itself with your scent and such.

Also, if you have ever seen a bonded pair, you might have noticed that they are often close. As you can see, it could be one way for them to tell you they love you.

When Is It Not Okay to Let My Rabbit Climb on Me?

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Before you go, let’s discuss when you should not let your rabbit climb on you. After all that, it might be clear now that a rabbit climbing on its owner is normal and okay. However, there are instances you might not want to let your rabbit climb on you.

You might not want to let a rabbit hop on you if it is still not fixed. An unfixed rabbit is still likely to engage in urine spraying. We would guess you don’t want rabbit pee on your favorite outfit.

On the other hand, you might not want to let a rabbit climb on you if it is still not yet litter trained. Like an unfixed rabbit, this bunny might choose to do its business anywhere and everywhere. If the rabbit is still not litter trained, it might pee or poo on you. That doesn’t sound fun now. Right?

Of course, you also don’t want to let a rabbit hop on you if you have anything on that could hurt them. Remember, rabbits have delicate skins.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to let them climb you if they are already hurting you. Rabbits could nip at you for particular reasons. However, biting is a different story. If they start biting, you don’t have to tough it out.

Finally, don’t let them on if you have anything on that you don’t want to be ruined. As you might already know, rabbits have big appetites, and they will chew at anything that looks tasty. Additionally, they could damage clothes because they’re trying to inspect them.


Why does my rabbit climb on me? Are you still wondering why? We hope not because today, we showed you seven reasons rabbits might climb their humans. As you have seen, it could be as sweet as a rabbit trying to get your attention to something a little less adorable, like it asserting its dominance.

We hope we got to help you hop out of this rabbit hole. If you find yourself stuck again in another burrow, then feel free to give us a visit again!

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