3 Easy Steps to Skin a Rabbit (Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you wondering how to skin a rabbit? Skinning a rabbit might look like a daunting task, but you might be surprised. It is easy to do. If you have a rabbit, the tools, and the desire to do so, you are good to go.

Today, we will show you that skinning a rabbit is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Literally, at that. Because, today, we will show you that it only takes three steps to complete this task. Without further delay, let us get on with this!

Skinning a Rabbit in 3 Easy Steps

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Yes, you read that right. There are only three steps to get this task done.

Skinning a rabbit might look intimidating. We understand. However, as you will see in a bit, it is an easy task. Not only does it only have three easy steps, but you will also see there are several ways to do each step. So, if you are ready, let us get on with this task.

1. Dispatching the Rabbit

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If you are raising a rabbit for its meat, the true first step would be to give it the best life you can. When it is time, you want to make sure you cull the rabbit in the most humane way. Do not let it suffer. Make it swift and painless. As much as possible, calm the rabbit down before starting this step.

There are many ways to do this step. You can either do it by hand or with the help of some instruments or contraptions. One of the best ways to do it is to break the rabbit’s neck. It is clean, discreet, and most importantly, quick and painless.

For this method, you want to put one of your hands on the back of the rabbit’s neck. Make sure you have a good grip to make this effective the first time. Again, you do not want to cause any unnecessary pain.

After that, you want to put your other hand on the rabbit’s chin. You can either grab the rabbit’s chin or use your palm. The latter might be more advisable for the next step. Finally, you want to push its head back until you hear a crack or when you feel the neck break.

Some of the other methods are not as effective as this one. They could get the job done, but they are not the best way to make this fast and painless for the rabbits.

You can go for the method that would work best for you. Just make sure you have properly dispatched the rabbit before moving on!

2. Prepare Your Materials

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If you want the skinning process to be easy, you might have to keep careful watch of the time. Time is the name of the game if you want things to be easy.

With that, you might have to make do with what you have in the wild if it is a catch. As we will show you later, you can use your bare hands. It might be a little challenging for some, but it is doable. On the other hand, you can also use a sharp stick or stone.

If you are doing it with a rabbit you raise on your land, of course, you can use a trusty knife. You might want to make sure it is a sharp one, though.

3a. Skinning the Rabbit the Fast Way

Finally, it comes to this step.

There are several ways to do this part, with some easier and some faster. Today, we will show you some of the most effective ways to do so.

Earlier, we told you that you could do it with your bare hands. If you are interested to know how this method goes, then you can check it out here:


On the other hand, you can use your hands and your knife. This next method might be the best way to go if you want to save their fur.

3b. Skinning the Rabbit the Clean Way

First, you want to find a flat surface to lay the rabbit on or something to hang the rabbit on. If you are new to doing this task, you might want to try both ways to see which one would work best for you. You want to lay the rabbit on its back for the flat surface method. On the other hand, hang it upside down with the stomach facing you for the hanging way.

Next, you want to cut near the heel. You do not want to go too deep, though. Only enough to separate the hide from the meat. Do it on the other leg too. After that, you want to cut across those two cuts you made. So, start from one leg, cut down all the way in between the legs, then go up until you reach the other cut you made. Again, you do not want to go deep.

After the cuts, it should be pretty easy to pull the skin off by now if you are dealing with a newly dispatched rabbit. On the other hand, if it is not a recently culled rabbit, you might have to use your cutter more often to separate the skin from the meat. You might also have to use more elbow grease. However, you do not want to pull too hard if you have plans for the hide.

You might want to adjust your hold as you go towards the head. Grab more hide so you would have a better grip. To add, with this, you would also avoid tearing the skin.

It should be smooth sailing until you reach the arms again. Basically, you want to do what you did at the hind paw with the forepaw. Only this time, in reverse as the hide is now inside out. Gently cut around the forepaws. When you get to the head, you want to make a cut to separate the hide from the body. After this step, the skinning process is done.

What’s Next?

The following steps would depend on what you are after. Are you after rabbit meat? The next steps would be gutting and butchering.

On the other hand, are you after rabbit fur? The next step would be tanning. Many skip this step because it seems to be too much extra work. However, if you already have the hide, you might not want to let it go to waste.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind When Skinning a Rabbit

how to skin a rabbit for the pelt

You now know how to skin a rabbit. However, here are a few things you might want to know before taking on this task.

Make Shallow Cuts When Skinning a Rabbit

If you are learning how to skin a rabbit, you are probably after their meat. With that, you want to make sure you make shallow cuts as you might cut through organs that could contaminate the meat.

Prime Age to Butcher a Rabbit

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It might be logical to think that as a rabbit ages, it will have more meat. However, that is not how it goes. While a pet rabbit could live for more than a decade, rabbits raised for meat do not have the same luxury. Meat rabbits might not even spend a year on your land. It seems it is best to butcher meat rabbits before they even turn a year old. There are three reasons for that.

For one, it seems rabbit meat is at its best when the rabbits are still only around three months old. Some choose to butcher their rabbits at eight months old. However, it seems rare for a meat rabbit to reach 12 months.

Alright, you might be okay with not having the best meat in exchange for a little more muscle. You might want to hold that thought as it seems it is harder to process older rabbits.

Finally, rabbits are sweet little creatures. If you spend much time with them, it could be mentally taxing when it is time to let them go. As you can see, it might not be best to get attached to them if you are after rabbit meat.

Make it Fast and Painless

Many do not pay attention to the first step. Some even proceed without making sure the little guy is already gone. So, before we let you go, allow us to emphasize for the nth time to try and make the whole ordeal fast and painless for the little furry creatures.


Are you still wondering how to skin a rabbit? Well, we hope not! Skinning a rabbit might look light a daunting task, but as you have seen today, if you have the heart for it, you can do it! We hope we were able to help you with this concern. If you have any other questions like this one, then you might want to hop on our burrow!

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