The Complete Guide to Keep Your Rabbit’s Cage Clean

Without proper shelter that is regularly cleaned and maintained, a rabbit can suffer from diseases caused by bacteria. Therefore, it is vital to keep this shelter clean to prevent illnesses. Therefore, it is vital to keep their cages clean to prevent illnesses.

Unfortunately, a rabbit’s cage gets messy because of droppings, urine, and food scraps. Read more to learn the different ways to clean a rabbit cage.

Daily Cleaning Routine for the Rabbit’s Cage

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You can clean your rabbit’s cage every day if you have sufficient time. However, you must plan and schedule this activity daily.

Before you proceed to clean, put your rabbit in a safe room for a while so that you can clean all parts of its cage. Plus, take out the litter box to prevent it from messing up your room.

Before removing any object from the cage, make sure that you wear a pair of gloves, it will prevent you from getting any bacteria. Wash the dirty items with clean water before putting them back in the cage.

The proper way of cleaning a rabbit’s cage is by sweeping the poo outside the litter box. You also need to wash the bowls to prevent food scraps from rotting. Also, provide fresh hay and fill its water dish with clean water.

Next, clean out the drip tray and replace the soiled bedding material. Discard all materials collected from the tray. Many wire cages have trays at the bottom that pick up dirt. The bottom of the wire cages can be painful for your rabbit’s feet. So you should place a thick blanket or towel at the bottom of the cage to protect your rabbit’s feet.

After cleaning the cage, change the materials lined up under the cage. You should have sufficient bedding to cover the bottom of the cage.

When your rabbit gets out of the cage, this is the time to check its health. You should look at the water and food to see if your pet consumed it.

Check the quality of the poop that has been left in the cage as well. Finally, you should search for any damage from the rabbit cage. It might affect your rabbit’s health and safety.

Bring your rabbit back to the cage. Make sure that your pet is safe inside its cage. Look at it for a while, ensuring it is comfortable in its shelter.

Weekly Cleaning Routine for the Rabbit’s Cage

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First, gather your supplies and plan the cleaning schedule. Next, ensure you have all the supplies you need to start cleaning.

Some of the items you must have are gloves, stiff brushes, and small brushes. Check if you also have garbage bags, pails, vinegar spray, and soap for animals.

Take your rabbit out and remove the items inside the cage. Put your rabbit into a room where they can’t escape. Also, give some toys for their entertainment and a litter box. Don’t forget to provide them with fresh water and food as you clean their cages.

Remove any contaminated food, hay, or materials that are not useful anymore. You can use gloves to throw them in the garbage.

When scrubbing, use a stiff-bristled brush, gentle soap, and warm water. You can also use a smaller brush to hit every angle and reach every cage corner.

If your rabbit’s cage has a drip tray, brush it with a gentle soap bar. In addition, pour in enough hot water to soak it. Choose a white vinegar solution for disinfecting. Any disinfectant that contains chemicals should not be sprayed in the cage.

Combine an adequate amount of white vinegar and enough warm water. Pour it into the spray bottle and disinfect the cage. Rinse with water the cage that has been disinfected with vinegar.

The cage will dry faster in natural sunlight. Therefore, before putting the items back into the cage, it should be completely dry.

To prevent your rabbit from being infested by parasites, clean its bedding. Wash the bedding of rabbits every week. When the bedding is completely dry, place it at the bottom of the cage.

Cleaning a rabbit’s playpen

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Some rabbit owners use pet playpens to provide more space for their pets. It is suitable for indoor training, litter training, and outdoor safety. The rabbits love to exercise anywhere inside of it. In addition, it is cheap and straightforward to clean.

First, you have to remove all items inside the playpen. It may include food bowls, litter boxes, and bedding. You can also fold the playpen if you want to.

Sweep away anything that could cause clogs in your vacuum machine, such as rabbit poop, small toys, or hay. Vacuum all the dust and fur after you sweep.

Clean all things that you will put inside the playpen. The things back must be arranged well like beddings. Then, you can make some changes to your rabbit’s cage or add toys and other valuable objects. [18 Awesome DIY Rabbit Playpens to Make for Your Bunnies]

Cleaning a Cage with a Full Cover

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Due to its tiny door and full cover, this cage is challenging to clean inside thoroughly. It has a sliding tray at the bottom to catch every mess of the rabbits.

Before cleaning, remove everything inside the cage. Take out the water and food dishes, litter boxes, toys, and bedding. It will be easier for you to clean every spot on the cage if it is empty. Start sweeping any remaining hay and poops scattered on the wire floor.

Spray the walls and floor with disinfectants that are safe for the rabbit. Natural disinfectants are preferable to those that have strong chemicals.

Put bedding at the bottom of this cage. Food bowls, water dishes, and litter boxes should all be washed. Arrange the items inside the cage.

Cleaning a cage with a removable top

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This cage has a removable top. It also comes with plastic flooring. The edges of the fencing can be removed. Unlike other enclosures, this cage is not hard to clean. You can comfortably get in and scrub the dirty spot.

Unclip the cage’s top to be easy to access inside the cage. Like cleaning other types of enclosures, you need to remove everything. Get rid of the litter boxes, food bowls, and toys. Put them on the floor. You can also fold the cage easily to make it clean.

Lift the tray into the garbage and sweep the remaining fur, poop, and hay from the bottom of the cage. Next, wipe down the cage’s plastic base with spray disinfectant. If there are any poop and urine stains, you should scrub them.

Clean the supplies and place everything back in the cage. This includes the food bowls, water dishes, toys, and litter boxes. Clean and sanitize these items.

Put back the bedding at the bottom of the cage. Place and arrange the things and food for your pet inside the cage. The last step is to sweep up the floor and vacuum around the cage.

Tips for cleaning a rabbit cage easily

Maintaining the cleanliness of your rabbit’s cage is easy as long as you have a daily routine of cleaning it. There are also some ways to clean the cage easily.

Instead of using a complex cage, provide shelter for your rabbit that is easy to clean. Many find the pet playpen to be the best option because it is easy to clean. It is very cheap, and it offers a larger space. It is the ideal setup for litter box training your rabbit.

If your rabbit is not litter-trained, you can use towels or newspapers as bedding. They give traction to the rabbit’s feet.

Let your rabbit explore while you clean, as rabbits can be restless. When you tend their home while they are still inside, you can give your rabbit time to exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

how often should you clean a rabbit cage

How often should I clean my rabbit’s litter box?

It depends on the type of litter box your rabbit has. If it has a shallow litter box, you have to clean it daily. But if it is deep, you can scoop the droppings regularly and wash the litter box weekly.

What is the proper way of getting rid of my rabbit’s droppings?

Flushing large quantities of your rabbit’s droppings, especially along with bedding or other waste, can cause clogging. The best way to get rid of them is by putting them in a plastic bag and throwing them into your garbage, or they can be composted.


There are ways to clean a rabbit’s cage. It depends on the kind of cage. Learning how to clean a rabbit cage is crucial. It depends on you if you want to do the cleaning daily or weekly. Maintaining the cleanliness of your rabbit’s shelter will protect it from diseases.

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